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Things are good.  Writing and recording a LOT of new music here in Nashville.  Being here for more than 4 days helps!  Miss Tess & the Talkbacks are heading into the studio this week to finish recording a new album, then we head up to the northeast for our last string of dates in 2015.  What a year!  Whew. 

For inquiring minds, I’ve also got about 15ish newish songs I’m itching to put to wax... stay tuned.  Only a few vinyl copies of my last release below, get it while you can!

              TBEs new album “We All Want to Be Love”

Vinyl ---------------$20 -------->

*** Get it while you can, limited pressing of only 100!!

Compact Disc ---$15-------->

Digital --------------$10--------|||| 

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated!!!



We have been playing a fair amount of “full band acoustic shows” lately, so here’s a video of one such occurrence at Pete’s Candy Store, one of the best small listening rooms in NYC.  It’s a cover of a favorite Townes Van Zandt tune, “Loretta.”

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