Upcoming Shows

solo set’s opening for

Miss Tess

Dec 10               Buffalo, NY

Sportsmens Tavern

Dec 11          Rochester, NY




Dec 20            Brooklyn, NY

The Living Room

Details and tickets here - CLICK ME

Latest News

It’s here! My new album, “We All Want to Be Love” is finally available, any format you may want is right below. Including a limited edition vinyl pressing!

AND December 20th will be the Record Release Extravaganza at the new Living Room in Brooklyn! Not only will it feature two sets from yours truly, but a full set from songsmith Elijah Ocean, Denton MCing with some songs and interludes as well as many special guests!  Very excited about this.  Buy advance (cheaper!) tickets and get all the info HERE.

              TBEs new album “We All Want to Be Love”

Vinyl ---------------$20 -------->

*** Get it while you can, limited pressing of only 100!!

Compact Disc ---$15-------->

Digital --------------$10--------|||| 

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated!!!


This coming October will be a good one, I’ll be embarking on a month long tour with Miss Tess making our way down to one of my favorite festivals, Blackpot!!!

I’ll also be teaching at the Blackpot Camp, check that out here - www.blackpotcamp.com


We have been playing a fair amount of “full band acoustic shows” lately, so here’s a video of one such occurrence at Pete’s Candy Store, one of the best small listening rooms in NYC.  It’s a cover of a favorite Townes Van Zandt tune, “Loretta.”

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